Tuesday, August 30, 2011

family tree kit...

I finally got my family tree up.  My husband's side isn't really filled out--we're missing names and/or correct spellings--but it's on the wall!

I have wanted to make our own family tree since getting married, but I found this great family tree kit for just $15.  I loved the style and colors, so I figured why bother designing my own?

It comes with the 18 x 24 tree print, sheets of leaves, instructions, pedigree charts to fill out...and even a glue stick!

I ordered my kit months ago and it's been sitting in my art room ever since.  I was waiting to get complete information for Bran's side of the family.  But I was sick of it taking up studio space when I had a blank spot on the wall.

So I filled out all the info that I could...

Glued all the leaves in the right places...

Viola!  I'm loving it.  
(And I can fill in the rest of the names as we get them.)

P.S. I'm not getting paid or compensated to write this.
I just really liked my kit and thought I would share!


  1. I'm brand new to your blog (you can thank someone on facebook for linking to you!) and I think this is a super cute idea!!!! Also, I absolutely love your style and think you are adorable, just so ya know. lol. I like how you stacked the photo on a photo on a swirly design thing! (where do you get those swirly things anyways, cause I want some now. ^.^)

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