Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm baa-aaack!

Holy Canoli!
I feel like I haven't posted in forever...
I miss you guys!

First of all, I've been up to my eyeballs in Expecto Patronum shirt orders.
You guys sure do love your Harry Potter gear. :)

Then, last week I spent Monday-Friday camping with the 12-18 year old girls of my church. (The youth programs are referred to as Young Men and Young Women.  I serve with the YW and my husband serves with the YM.  Just in case you were confused as to why I would spend a week in the woods with teenage girls.  :)  )  I am sunburned and covered in mosquito bites, but we had a blast hiking, canoeing, and enjoying the beautiful aspen groves.

Once I came home (and got some sleep!), the hubby and I got to work rearranging our great room to make some space for this bad boy...

I have an iMac!
(Pardon the poor's very dark and cloudy today.)

I've had my trusty HP laptop for a number of years, but it was on it's last leg.  We were just going to get another laptop, but I was having a hard time finding one I really loved.  So...we went the iMac route and purchased my anniversary/Christmas/birthday present for the next 5 years. :)

I'm SOOOO excited.  
It has so many features I hardly know where to start!

Are any of you guys Mac people?
What are your favorite features?  
What apps can you not live without?


  1. i'm loving my HP shirt!!!! and i just tried out your tutorial to make a shirt for my brother and it went great. can you reuse your stencils?

    how fun! I helped last week with VBS and hung out with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds at the beach. Tiring but fun!

  2. i have a mac, but i can't figure out how to post pics to my blog an easy way from iphoto. So if you find an easy way, please let me know.

  3. Woohoo! Welcome to the mac club :) I love my MacBook! Have you ever used a mac before? Are you running the newest operating system? They JUST came out with a new one called Lion. I don't have that one yet, so any tips are for the previous one (called Snow Leopard). There are so many great features... if you're just getting started, definitely look into features like Expose, minimizing, Mission Control (that's a new Lion feature), ... My favorite apps are definitely iChat, iCal, iWork (you have to buy those separately), iPhoto (LOVE this one! the editing in here is amazing!), and Mail. Have fun :)


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