Tuesday, August 2, 2011

stretchy stackable seed bead rings...

I made myself a cute little trio of rings...

And they were SO cheap and SO simple.  
You're going to want to make a million!

Here's all you need:

.5 mm stretchy bead cord
seed beads
t-shirt (optional)
clear nail polish (optional)

Easy enough, right?

Start by laying out your t-shirt on the table.  You're just going to use this as your work surface...it will keep beads from rolling everywhere.  Now, cut a 5-6 inch piece of cord and start stringing your beads.

Once it looks like you're getting enough beads for a ring, hold it in a loop and try it on your finger.  Then add or remove beads as necessary.

When finished, tie your ring closed.  (You can paint the little knot with clear nail polish to keep it from sliding apart...but you don't have to.)  Then trim off the excess cording.

Repeat as many times as you want... in as many colors as you want... whatever size you want!

You can wear them together in a stack.

Or with another ring.

Or you can use the same method to make a "statement" ring.  
Just use a large bead as a centerpiece, then add findings and small beads.

We made some with the girls at camp (age 12-18) and they loved it.  Making these little rings would be a great party activity or favor, as well.  The supplies are so inexpensive, you could make a slew for only a few dollars.

(I think I need some more beads!)


  1. LOVE these! I will be trying these myself...THANKS!

  2. these are so neat! and i have all the supplies to make them, yay!

  3. So simple but so, so cute! What a fun, quick project (and I'm ALL about those...naptime is only an hour long, after all)!

    Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne

  4. I love this. I love your colors too. :)

    Would love to invite you to link your creative project up on our link party @ NothingButCountry.com We feature new blogs every Tuesday and start a new party. Hope you will join us!!

    --Mary Beth

  5. Those stackable rings are darling, my daughter would love them!

  6. These are so cute and easy - thanks for linking them up to Think Pink Sundays! I featured you today! http://www.flamingotoes.com/2011/08/crush-of-the-week-think-pink-features-17/

  7. I made these twenty years ago with tiger tail and crimp beads and sold tons of them, still have a few tucked away too. I like the idea of the elastic, no need to size !! Thanks for sharing !!

  8. Adorable! I have been experimenting with stretchy cord, just dont seem to get the surgeon's knot right, it's always visible. i was also dabbing with super glue, hmmm

  9. My daughter is in love with this already! She's begging to go to Michael's this weekend!

  10. Cute! I just stumbled upon your blog.. love it! :)

  11. Yay, a good way for me to use the hundreds of beads I have! I'm so excited :D Thanks for the post!

  12. Excellent Idea!!! Will have to try this one very soon!!!!

  13. these are super cute! will make my own and post a link to your page!

    ashley nicole.

  14. Awesome, I'm going to be the art director at our Girl's Camp this summer, and this is a brilliant idea!!!

  15. Unique idea to make your own style statement.


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