Friday, January 13, 2012

make bold striped vases using enamel...

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the third round of One Month to Win It...but all of the projects were so cute I knew it would be tough.  It was super fun to participate, though!  If you ever get the chance to be in a crafty competition--do it!  It's fun to push yourself and try new ideas.

Anyway, here's the tutorial from my Week 2 challenge - use a DecoArt product.


I have used several DecoArt products in the past.  (Their acrylic craft paints and pearlizing mediums work great on wood, paper, and canvas.)  But I wanted to challenge myself and try something new, so I picked up some DecoArt Gloss Enamel and painted on glass!

I turned some plain ol' glass cylinders into a pair of bold striped vases.  The best part?  The whole project cost me less than $7.  (I love expensive decor projects, don't you?)

First, I cleaned my glass with rubbing alcohol according to package directions.  Then I measured my vases and taped off my stripes using blue painters' tape.  (Tip: Use the metric system when measuring stripes.  It is SO much easier to do the division!)  Next, I painted the entire inside of my vases turquoise and then painted my white stripes on the outside.  Once I got the coverage I liked, I carefully removed the tape and dried the enamel in the oven as directed.  Viola!  I now have two graphic vases to use however I please.

For the time being, I added fresh flowers.  The bold glassware adds a whimsical twist to some traditional flower arrangements.  How fun would these be for a party!  You could customize the colors to coordinate with any palette.  (I'm envisioning black & white stripes with red roses for an Alice in Wonderland theme...or gray & white stripes with yellow craspedia for a contemporary wedding many possibilities.)  I can't wait to experiment with more colors and designs!


  1. Love this...
    Wheels turning.
    I have a few vases I want to paint! Thanks for the paint recommendation.

  2. I LOVE these vases! I really like that you did one color on the inside and the stripes on the outside! SO fun!

  3. These are great! I think I may do some for my future sister in-laws bridal shower, that's coming up!

    Thanks so much! = )


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