Tuesday, January 17, 2012

style selection: shrinky dink

In honor of my vintage floral statement necklace, I thought I'd investigate the wonderful world of shrink plastic via the good ol' world wide web.  My search yielded some fun finds, thus Style Selection: Shrinky Dink was born.  Here are the goods...

I'm madly in love with this geometric necklace tutorial at livlig.
Those bold patterns are just so striking!

A 2007 issue of N.E.E.T Magazine boasts these cute little key keepers.

Cathe over at Just Something I Made shows off these darling charms made by scanning vintage ephemera and printing the images on shrinky dink.

Her project was featured in a magazine, and the tutorial includes a free download so you can make your own!

Sew Nancy made these shrink plastic decorative pin heads using a tutorial by Wee Wonderfuls.

Check out these gorgeous butterfly necklaces from Happy Together.
There's something irresistible about vintage butterfly graphics.

Aren't these shrink plastic rings cool?  
PlanetJune has a full tutorial with great pictures.
She stamped hers, but it would be fun to try some hand drawn designs.

Of course Martha had to get in on this shrinky dink action.
You can make custom pet ID tags with her free downloadable template.

Last, but certainly not least, I couldn't leave out these nostalgia-inducing, spirograph-inspired shrinky dink push pins by craftlog.
I need spirograph push pins.  BAD.
(I have no choice but to buy one of these.  No choice, I say!)

Turns out Shrinky Dink is a lot cooler than you remembered, huh?
I hope my selections have inspired you to try out some shrink plastic creations of your own!


  1. Hey .. These are just cool links..thanks for sharing this post!

  2. hi there! these are great rainy day projects!
    what shrinky dinks paper are you using? clear? white?
    i dont suppose you could post a link of where to buy shrinky dinks online? i cannot find in my local craft store :(
    thank you so much!


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