Friday, January 6, 2012

vintage floral statement necklace...

I made it through Round 1 of One Month to Win It...phew! :)
Thanks to all those who voted.  Stay tuned for Round 2 next week.

In the meantime, here's the tutorial for my vintage floral statement necklace...


Week 1 Challenge - use vintage graphics from The Graphics Fairy

When I checked out all of the gorgeous vintage graphics The Graphics Fairy has to offer, I knew I had to create a piece of jewelry.  (The images are so beautiful I wanted to wear them!)  I remembered those Shrinky Dink charm bracelets people used to make and was thrilled to discover that there is now printable Shrinky Dink.  I had to try it.  However, I hate wearing bracelets... so I made a bold statement necklace instead.  I love how it turned out!

First, I chose the images I wanted to use--Stunning French Fan & Postcard with Floral Spray.  I cropped/resized the images on my computer, then printed them on a sheet of Shrinky Dink according to package directions.   Then, I cut my floral shapes out and punched holes so I could add jump rings later. 
Next, I baked my pieces (once again, following package directions).  I put them in the oven one at a time, so I could monitor their progress individually.  Once they were done shrinking, I pulled them out, covered them with a sheet of parchment, and placed a heavy book on top for a few seconds so they would be nice and flat.  Finally, I added my findings, a chain, and a satin bow just for an extra dose of femininity... as if a necklace of roses isn't girly enough. :)

Now I get to wear these beautiful blooms around my neck.  This lovely necklace turned out so well, I can't wait to make a few more!


  1. Oh lovely, I like the cute necklace,what a brilliant idea :) superb

  2. I love that you used shrinky dink! So clever. It is a family tradition that we make ornaments out of shrinky dink each year... I have never thought of creating something better!!
    Good work, and congrats on making it to round 2!

  3. Yes, the necklace is already girly with the floral graphics, HOWEVER, you're a freakin genius for adding the bow! :)

  4. You have so many great ideas! I found you on StumbleUpon and am happy I did!

  5. I love your necklace. It turned out really beautiful.

  6. hi! I saw this necklace today and I'm in love!!! =) thank you! you have a wonderfull blog =)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous - just love it!

  8. Here ,i don't know if we have such thing ,shrinky dink. If we had,i 'd make a lot of this beautiful necklaces
    You're very creative! :)


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