Friday, March 2, 2012

caution: hot glue is, in fact, hot...

I was making headbands yesterday when I suddenly fell victim to a freak hot glue accident.

I had just put a fresh, piping-hot layer of glue onto a little felt circle and when I pulled my glue gun away, the tip of the glue gun stuck to the edge of the circle and flipped it up onto my hand...

I burn my finger tips all the time, but--yeowzers!--this one hurt.

(Don't worry, I burned the same finger that I jammed playing basketball 3 weeks ago.  My knuckle is still swollen...hence the fake pearl in lieu of my wedding rings.  It's been a rough month for my ring finger, apparently.)

Careful with those glue guns, kids!


  1. Those hot glue gun burns HURT!!! One of the hazards of being a crater.

  2. This, my dear, is the reason I stick to needle and thread. And the occasional E-6000. Get you some silver sulfadiazine - it's awesome stuff. It'll kill the burn in no time. Looks very painful - are you just accident prone or are you just having a bad month?!! Feel better soon :)

    1. I'm not usually accident ring finger is just unlucky lately. :)

  3. I only re-discovered my glue gun this week,but I shall keep the warning in mind

  4. I feel you! One time I directly touched the hot glue....on purpose! For some reason I didn't think it would be seriously hot.

  5. I use the low temp glue gun and sticks from the brand "crafters choice". Not so hot and better when working with kids!

  6. I've done it many times before :-/
    Hope your finger feels better soon!


  7. A little tip for you that I learnt. Keep a seperate bag of flour in your house, wether it is in the fridge or not (fridge if best). And immediately after you burn yourself, stick your finger or whatever part you burnt into that bag of flour. It heals it really quickly!!


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