Sunday, March 11, 2012

an infographic...

While this is a crafty sort of blog, I occasionally like to write about other aspects of my life, too.  A big part of my life is my if you're not into that kind of thing, feel free to skip this post and come back later. :)

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (We are often referred to as "Mormons" because we have a book of scripture called The Book of Mormon...but we like to use the full name of The Church or the term "Latter-day Saints" to refer to ourselves.)

The Church has been in the spotlight lately because of a few presidential candidates, some pop culture references, etc.  I thought I'd share this awesome infographic that explains a little bit about what we actually believe...

The source of this image can be found HERE (along with a great FAQ list).

We are a faith centered on Jesus Christ.  We focus a lot on strengthening families, serving others, and developing Christ-like characteristics.  It's a really happy life! :)

I am more than willing to answer any questions or you can do some research at

I'd also love to hear about your views.  
Does religion impact your creative life?

*P.S. Please be respectful of my beliefs and the beliefs of others while making comments.  All faiths are welcome here!


  1. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing such great information!

  2. But do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? That through belief in Him alone can you enter Heaven? That is the only way you can be saved. Information taken from The Bible.

    1. Yes! We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He is our Savior and Redeemer.

  3. Hi. I am agnostic, but I am so respectful :)

    I think I am agnostic because I haven't approach God (I'm Spanish, so excuse my bad English). I am really amazed of you, believers. Your faith in Jesus makes you strong. Sometimes I see you and see what I really want for myself. I know it could sound weird (also because of my poor explanations), but I really feel envious of you.

    In Spain there are only few Mormon churches, and there is a general belief that the Mormons are 'dark'. I know it's not true, but it's because Spain has been a strong Catholic country (We used to be nice to all religions until the Spanish Inquisition). In USA saying that you are Mormon it's not weird, but trust me, if you say that in Spain your neighbours will feel scared of you. It's sad, but I think that in Spain everything is weird except for being Catholic, Agnostic or Atheist. If you profess other religion or beliefs, you are everything but nice citizen.

    I hope that doesn't sound so weird and you can understand it (even I am so bad at English). I hope that one day I will find Him and for sure I will love Him. Sometimes I've even pray to God (Yes, I know I said I am agnostic) just to help me find Him. This could sound like it doesn't make sense, but sometimes I feel empty my spiritual side. I am happy you will never feel that :)

    Well... I know that the question was 'Does religion impact your creative life?', but I just need to say that. Well... I think I would reply 'no', because like I said, I am agnostic and I am still creative, but in someway I would say 'yes', because if all the moments I've feel empty, I would feel great instead, I would be more creative and more motivated.

    See you soon! (This is just my personal opinion, if you feel offended because of my words please excuse me that wasn't my desire. Please remember that English is not my mother tongue)

    1. I'm not offended at all, Aida. (And I think your English is great!) I know there are lots of misconceptions about my church, especially in parts of the world where there are not very many members, so I like to clear things up when I can. :)

      I know that if you pray, God will help you find Him and you can have that faith and strength, too. (Sending prayers and kind thoughts your way!) Thanks so much for your sweet and sincere comment.

  4. Very informative, I thank you for sharing!!

  5. This is awesome Kacey, what a great blog you have!


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