Friday, August 17, 2012

dry erase "to do" list...

I am a hardcore list-maker, so I thought I'd DIY a dry erase board for my art/craft/mess-making room.

So simple to customize to fit any color scheme.

I started with this boring old Walmart photo frame...
...which I painted with lime green craft paint then Mod Podged to seal.

Then I cut a piece of poster board to fit my frame (Trace the glass or the mat that came with the frame.) and cut some fabric a wee bit larger than my poster board.  You could use scrapbook or wrapping paper, too.
I wrapped the poster board and just taped the fabric down on the back...or you could glue it.  Whatever.  It's going between the glass and the frame anyway, so it doesn't have to be super adhered or anything.

Now you could stop here, put in the glass, and have a lovely fabric-backed framed dry erase board, but I wanted mine more list-like.  I printed a "Things to do..." header on my computer and then cut some notched paper strips to serve as the "lines" on my list.

Then I stuck them to my fabric background.

Check out that list-y goodness.

Stick your glass back in the frame and write lists to your heart's content.  

The dry erase marker wipes right off the glass.

I hung mine in a little grouping...looks pretty cute.

Now maybe I won't use up every pad of paper in the house.



  1. So cute, Kacey! Think I need to do one of these for my class room!
    Hope you're well!
    Heidi :)

  2. Super cute!! I love this DIY :-)

  3. Super cute- I need to make a desk size one for my office.

  4. I love that you painted it - I need to do that for sure. It's so cute :)

    I'm a dry erase fiend right now - I've made a menu board and a paint chip calendar so far. Can't wait to try this out!

    Stopping by from Strut Your Stuff

  5. This is a VERY good idea for us stay at home moms! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Love your blog!

    Be inspired!

  6. What a great idea, thank you for sharing!I adapted this idea and made myself a daily schedule board (just used a bigger frame). Thanks again!!

  7. This is amazing. This is so amazing that I am going to have to make one tomorrow because, like you, I'm a huge fan of list-making. My husband's always teasing me about my lists but I need them in order to function haha.

  8. Okay, I made the dry erase board and I am so happy with it! I've made a blog post. Here's the link:


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