Wednesday, September 26, 2012

mod podged dinosaur wall decor...

I'm excited to finally have a post to share...
Baby will be here in 6 weeks, so I've got to get this nursery done!

I mentioned previously that I have a ton of half-finished projects in the works.  That is still true.  But I've had a lovely baby shower, a not-so-lovely stomach virus that landed me in the hospital for IV fluids, and a weekend trip away for a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert to keep me busy.  So I'm happy to finally have this cute dinosaur wall decor project completed and on display.

I was originally contemplating making a mobile, but this image on Pinterest caught my eye.

I think those little elephants are just cut out of paper, but I already had some balsa wood brontosaurus shapes on hand.   I thought they would be perfect for a more permanent wall hanging.

For this project, you'll need:

balsa wood shapes of your choice
craft paint & brushes
scrapbook papers
xacto knife
mod podge
nail file or sandpaper
yarn, twine, or ribbon
tape or glue

Start by sanding the edges of your little wood shapes, if necessary.  I like to use a nail's easier to hold and maneuver in tight spots.

Next, place one of your shapes on a piece of scrapbook paper...

...and cut around your shape.

Repeat until you have all your papers cut out and ready to go.

I wanted the edges of my wood shapes to be painted a contrasting color, so I went ahead and painted the whole shape.  It's easier than just trying to do the edge.  
(If you'd like to leave your wood natural, that works, too.)

Next, apply a coat of mod podge to the surface of your wood shape AND to the back of your paper cutouts.  Position the paper on top of each shape, smooth in place, and allow to dry.
Once dry, you can burnish any roughly cut edges of the paper with your nail file.  Then top with a coat of mod podge and allow to dry.

Now all you have to do is adhere the shapes to your yarn or ribbon and hang them up!

They add a fun pop of color and pattern to the room.

Mine are going to be a part of a little gallery wall/picture grouping that I'm looking forward to showing you later!


  1. Really cute kasey! I can't wait to see the rest of the gallery wall

  2. Where can I find those (or similar) little balsa wood dinosaurs?

  3. hi I am presently attempting to do this. One question though, after you put the paper onto the balsa wood, do you put mod podge over the paper to? the front decorated part that is.


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