Monday, March 3, 2014


I recently had a birthday...the big 3-0.

It was a fabulous day that included Chinese food, Harry Potter, new accessories, polka dot Keds, Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream (the best ice cream in the land), a photo book of my favorite toddler, a long drive through the valley, an art museum, my cute little fam, and chocolate cupcakes.  I loved it.

Some people freak out over turning 30, but I say bring it on.  I don't wish I could go back to the past...I've already done all that!  I'm looking forward to the future with faith and hope and excitement.  I know there will be hard times, but there will be wonderful times, too.

And you can't feel old wearing polka dotted shoes.
(Seriously.  It's not possible.)

Here's to the beginning of another decade of adventures!

...that shall include countless creative endeavors, I'm sure. :)

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