Tuesday, March 4, 2014

toddler doodles...

I bought a small magnetic drawing board for my kiddo in hopes of giving him something exciting and new to play with during a plane ride this past Christmas.  It was a wise investment.  He has loved it from the get go.  And I love that I can let him doodle freely without worrying about an incident of mass destruction occurring if I take my eyes off of him for two seconds--it's mess-free!

Whenever I see his one of his darling scribbles inevitably laying on the floor somewhere, I always long to preserve the usually-short-lived cuteness.  As I got my phone out to snap a picture, the artist himself decided to make a bit of a cameo...

I adore this image (and this kid) SO much.


  1. My kids had endless hours of fun with a toy like this. It is great for travel. Love the cute little feet guest appearance.

  2. Definitely a great toy that he will wear out (and you'll have to buy a new one!). One other toy (or set of toys) that I wish we had bought earlier for Grant, now that I've seen my girls play with and love them at younger ages, are duplos (the jumbo size legos). It was surprising to me how young Maddie and Zoie were when they started playing with Grant's duplos. Hope you guys are well!


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