Tuesday, January 5, 2016

stitch fix #3...

Oh man. I haven't been able to post anything for awhile because I couldn't get my photos uploaded to my computer. (Technology...sheesh!) I finally got it sort of fixed, but now I'm all backed up on stuff to post. (Although, it's too late for my Christmas projects. Sniffle.)

Anyway, now that I'm no longer pregnant, I've been getting Stitch Fix boxes again. Hooray! And I wanted to post about the clothing & accessories I've received so other Stitch Fixers out there can request items they like.  So here we go...

I got this Fix in November 2015. It was probably my least favorite box I've ever gotten. :( But I did end up with one piece I love and wear ALL the time.

Alice Blue Lucio Henley Blouse - kept!
LOVE the floral print...and these tab sleeve blouses are so flattering I nearly always end up keeping them when I get one in a Fix. This is one of my favorite tops to wear right now.

See? :)

En Creme Pippa Open Cardigan - returned
This cardigan was made of the coolest sweater knit fabric, but that's where the good news ends. It is an oversized style AND it was too big...so I pretty much looked like a bag lady in it. If you request this in your own Fix, I'd ask for a size or two smaller.

Fun2Fun Kittridge Lace Detail Blouse - returned
I guess the stylist missed my request for NO sleeveless tops in my style profile. I could have worn a cardigan over it, but then the cute lace detail would be covered up...so I figured what's the point. The blouse is cut really nicely, though. A very flattering fit. If you wear sleeveless blouses, this is a good pick for you!

Pixley Abner Plaid Blazer - returned
This was a tad small in the shoulders for me, so I couldn't keep it. I like the idea of a patterned blazer. This would be a super cute option for you ladies who need workwear.

Level99 Blossom Flare Jean - returned
I requested boot cut or straight leg jeans...and got flares? I dunno how that happened. They fit pretty well, but were about an inch shorter than I like. And I have a ton of pairs of flared jeans (in about 4 or 5 different sizes *cough*), so I passed on these.

So...while this wasn't my best Fix, I still ended up with a top I adore and I didn't have to take my two little kids shopping. That's a win in my book! If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, click HERE for my referral link. It's fun to have new wardrobe options just show up at your door. :)

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