Wednesday, August 20, 2008

getting back in the swing of things... rough. sheesh. but life is good.
here is a fun numbered list of things that have been going on:

1. brandon is finally all moved into our condo at the's been quite the process getting in, but he's in. now we just have to move all my junk before next thursday. sigh.

2. i got to see some of my favorite people this past weekend! chris and karalee anderson we're in town for a wedding, so we met up at ihop for breakfast. i finally got to meet my "nephew," grant. granty-pants is quite the kid...definitely a boy :) and i'm glad chris and karalee were able to meet brandon since they won't be out here for the wedding. it was sooooooo great to see them. old friends are wonderful.

3. last weekend brandon and i got to go up to our reception site and plan out all of the details for the wedding...i am RIDICULOUSLY excited. i think it's going to be so pretty. we're doing blues, and oranges and golden yellows...i want october 11th to hurry up and get here!!!

4. school started this week. well, i had meetings last week, but kids came this week. how did this happen? wasn't it summer just yesterday? i'm having a hard time getting excited to be back at work. however, i have a lot of returning students, so that's really fun. i like having a little following :) and i'm teaching a new class this i have art foundations, sculpture, as well as painting. i think it will be good as soon as things get rolling.

5. my little sissyface is going to byu, so she and the mom are here getting her all moved in.

6. i'm turning in to quite the little housewife. bran and i have been trying to decorate and get things organized. and i make amazing dinners. in case you were wondering.

so i've pretty much been unbelievably busy. phew.

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