Sunday, November 23, 2008

planning our first christmas...

brandon has pretty much given me free reign in planning the decor associated with our first christmas. since we don't have kids yet, i figured this was our chance at having an elegant christmas tree. i want it to be classy yet glitzy and i settled on a cobalt blue, plum/red wine violet, silver, and champagne color scheme.

brandon and i went to the craft store and got some ideas...but their fancy ornaments cost way too much money, so i picked up some inexpensive metallic ornaments from walmart and decided to embellish them myself. all i've been using are some little rhinestone-type crystals, a silver metallic sharpie, a silver paint pen, silver glitter glue, a hot glue gun, and my creativity. (because of the lighting in the pic, all the details look gold...but they are silver in real life.) i just make up designs as i go...

we have a six foot artificial tree (given to us by my mom). it will be decked with my bejeweled ornaments, some silver/champagne filler ornaments, violet bead garland, clear jewel drop ornaments, white mini lights, a silver swirl tree skirt, and a silver wire starburst with pearl and crystal beads that i ordered off the internet. i can't wait to get it all off the floor and on the tree!

since it is our first family christmas, we also had to get stockings. this was a tough one. all the ones we liked were way too pricey...and i don't have a sewing machine. so i opted for plain navy velvet stockings from target. then i added a crystal and silver monogram pin, plum and silver ribbon, and a 59 cent sprig of holly to spice them up a little bit... i wish the pins were twice as big, but hey, you take what you can get :)

since all of the embellishments are just pinned on, it will be easy to change out if we want a different look in years to come. but for now, i'm pretty excited about our non-traditional colors this christmas...everything goes up right after thanksgiving!


  1. You are the cutest wife EVER! You've given me some excellent ideas since we're (I'm) having the same dilemma.. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I was jealous of your ornament-making skills, then I realized you are an artist and felt better about myself . . . looks great!


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