Wednesday, November 19, 2008

thanksgiving short list...

i REALLY love thanksgiving. all you do is eat and be grateful for stuff. sounds like a pretty great holiday to me.

anyway...i just wanted to write a little list of things i am thankful for in honor of next week's holiday.

1. the gospel
being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is the most important part of my life. i am so grateful to have a knowledge of the Savior and His restored gospel. it makes me who i am and makes my life what it is.

2. brandon
i love my husband. he is handsome, silly, hard working, loving, and i adore him. he supports me in all of my creative endeavors and loves me for who i am...and is learning to be patient with me :) i am grateful that brandon is brandon.

3. temple marriage
not only am i grateful that bran is my husband, but he is my husband forever! i am so happy that we were able to be sealed in the temple for eternity. we're not just a couple, but a "covenant couple." our family can be together forever.

4. family
i love having a family. they drive me a little crazy sometimes, but they are always there for me. my siblings are getting so grown up! i can't believe it. and now i have in-laws, too. it's so great having even more people to love.

5. a home
brandon and i are blessed to have a home with many of the luxuries and comforts life has to offer. it may just be a little 2 bedroom, rented condo, but it's great for us. and with so many people losing their homes during these tough financial times, i feel so blessed to have a nice place to live and love and laugh.

6. employment
although i complain about work A LOT, i am so glad brandon and i both have good jobs. we're not rich, but we're doing all right. i can't help but feel gratitude for our ability to provide for ourselves, pay off our debts, and save for the future.

7. gifts & talents
i love the abilities i have. i love to create...whether it's art, a thank you card, a craft, a batch of muffins, a design for a room, or a meal. i am good at putting parts together to make a whole. i love reading and gathering information and knowing things...i was always good at school. i love sharing my knowledge and teaching others. i hope i am doing a good job of that. and i love other people's talents, too. brandon is good at organization and planning, fixing things, and is always trying to make other people laugh. turns out, he knows a lot of technical stuff too. :) my bff shannon is good at asking questions and learning information from people, finding humor in the ridiculous, and blazing her own trail. my other bff jamie is so kind and compassionate. jenny witt is probably the most generous, giving person i know...and dang smart, too. elisabeth is a romantic and could be friends with fact, i think she is friends with everyone she has ever met. aubrey jones woahn can sees the good in people and in life...she's always laughing. my mom would drop whatever she's doing to help...and she always does. i could go on and on and on...

8. friendship
i have amazing friends as you might have gathered from the list above...i wish i had time to list them all! and i've learned to appreciate my friends even more as many have moved away and i don't get to see them in person much. but you are all on my mind and in my heart. i'm trying to get better at making new friends here in the married world. :)

sigh...i have a pretty great life...

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