Monday, November 17, 2008

some favorite ring ceremony candids...

the ring ceremony turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the wedding. being sealed was, of course, the most important. but since many family members and friends were not able to join us inside the temple, the ring ceremony was a wonderful way of including every one. plus, the bridesmaids and groomsmen actually had something to do :)

this is my little brother and sister walking down the aisle at the ring ceremony. i adore this picture. adore. look how tall and handsome peter is...rachel only comes up to his shoulder. this is one of my very favorite photos.

a shot of the whole room...

bran starting to tear up as he talks about how much he loves me...

me starting to tear up as bran talks about how much he loves me...

i LOVE this ring shot. it's perfect.

i like to laugh at my own jokes. :) i'm funny.

don't worry. we're just smooching two inches away from our bishop's face. haha.

shan, i love you. thanks for flying all the way up here for my wedding.

cutest group of bridesmaids ever. the 5 of them got along great for not knowing each other at all.

haha. shannon laughing hysterically makes me laugh hysterically.

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  1. Hi Kacey, I'm one of Brandon's old friends from high school. I just wanted to say congratulations and that I am so happy for you two. You guys look so happy! I have a blog too if you and Brandon want to look at it. Email me and I will send you an invite if you are interested.


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