Tuesday, January 20, 2009

keepin' busy...

phew. i feel like the past few weeks have been filled with a whirlwind of activity. here's a convenient bulleted list of what i've been up to lately...
  • after the holiday break, i went back to school for the last week of the semester. normally, we have 2 or 3 weeks once we get back...so it was CRAZY for teachers and students alike. the good news? the school year is more than half over! i can hardly believe it.
  • after my stressful week, brandon took me to see Bride Wars...which i absolutely loved. it's a total girl movie, but my sweet husband is always humoring me. i love him. :)
  • half of my classes are year-long and half are semester, so i have 3 classes of new students. some of them i've had before, so that's always fun to have former students come back for more. and some of the new ones seem absolutely ridiculous. haha. we'll see how it goes...
  • last thursday, brandon and i were able to go up to salt lake to see the utah symphony perform vivaldi's Four Seasons. student tickets are only $8, so it's a bargain. and we felt very cultured.
  • on saturday, brandon and i we're able to just spend the day relaxing and cleaning up a bit. our house is SO clean. it's nice.
  • on sunday, i was sustained as the first counselor in the relief socity presidency! i was a little reluctant at first--brandon and i were hoping to work together for our callings--but this will give me an opportunity to make new friends and get to know everyone in the ward. we had our first meeting as presidency over at our place and i'm excited to serve with the other girls. (and fun fact--the rs president is also named kacey...random!)
  • yesterday was such a great day. brandon and i both had the day off for martin luther king day, so we got to spend it together. first, we ate cheerios. then, we got ready and ran a few errands. next, we went to lunch at zupa's...and i ate an amazing salad--nuts about berries. you should get one. after that, we went to color me mine, a pottery glazing place where bran had gotten me a gift certificate for christmas. i glazed a coaster set and brandon glazed an suv coin bank. (it's gonna look like our ruby!) we're excited to pick up our fired projects on friday. finally, we topped off our wonderful day with some frozen yogurt and enchiladas. mmmMmm.
  • i DREADED getting up this morning. i seriously contemplated calling in sick. i had so much fun on my day off, i wanted another! however, i pulled it together and dragged myself to school. and to be honest, i'm glad i did. it's been a pretty good day!
  • in my moments of spare time, i've been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series. i'm loving it...makes me feel like i have such a "scope for imagination" :) i'm on the 6th book in the series, Anne of Ingleside, right now. i can't wait til i have a house of dreams filled with cute little kids saying whimsical things. sigh.
  • oh--and my fabulous mother-in-law had surgery today, so if you would keep her in your prayers, we would appreciate it. Love you, Julie!
sheesh. that's a long list. we've definitely been keepin' busy...
and it doesn't look like life will be slowing down anytime soon!

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  1. wow...busy lady! Bride wars, eh? I'll have to see if I can convince Benji on that one (ha! good luck to me!)

    Congrats on the new calling! Sounds like your life is going to keep getting busier :)


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