Tuesday, January 27, 2009

so...this one time...i got hit by a bus...

don't worry. i'm uninjured, although my spirit is a little wounded. unfortunately, ruby--our red rav4--didn't fare so well.

here's the scoop...

i was waiting to turn right at a red light at the intersection of bulldog blvd. and 500 west (state street) in provo. when the light turned green, i began to move forward until i realized there was a pedestrian waiting to cross at the crosswalk. she had the "walk" sign--and the right of way--so i stopped and waved her on. then her eyes got REALLY big...

...and i got hit by a bus.

i was rear ended by a provo district school bus full of kindergarteners. (okay...it was empty, but wouldn't that make the story even better? haha.) the bus driver told the police officer he didn't see the pedestrian. apparently he didn't notice my glaring red brake lights either...

after i called the police, i called bran. i didn't need help, but he came to help me feel better. and he called the insurance company and the school district's insurance company and took pictures...and hugged me. :)

it could have been a lot worse, but i'm so sad about our rav. we haven't even made our first payment on it yet and it still has temporary plates. now she needs a new rear windshield, back door, rear tire cover, rear bumper, rear windshield wiper, and who knows what else...

there is glass EVERYWHERE. the interior is covered in shards.

i couldn't show the officer my registration because we haven't even gotten it yet...

i'm so glad the spare is on the back. i think it helped cushion the impact.


so that's the sad tale of how i got hit by a bus. fortunately, no kindergarteners were harmed...and hopefully everything is fixable.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry for you and I am glad you are okay. I seriously thought you were joking at first. Or making some kind of Mean Girls reference.

  2. haha...yeah. i keep thinking of mean girls and meet joe black.

    and it DOES seem like something out of a movie. who actually gets hit by a bus?

    well...i do.

  3. Oh, Kacey!!!!!!! That's just awful.. One time my mom rear ended a bus. It was so embarrassing. There were a ton of junior high kids on the bus, and the next day at school everyone was talking about the "crazy lady" who rammed the bus. So embarrassing..


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