Monday, August 31, 2009

trash to treasure...

a few weeks ago, i found this little decorative shelf at good ol' DI. it cost a whopping $1.50.

i thought with a little sandpaper and a coat of paint, this shelf could be really loveable.

i've really been liking a particular shade of blue lately, and i figured now was a good time to use it! here's the finished product...
i hung it in the kitchen and added a few decorations...and now i am obsessed with it! there's just a sense of triumph when you turn a thrift store find into something you love.

i also have had a poorly painted magnet board in my possession for a number of months now. one of my students left it in my classroom for some reason. by the end of the year, no one had claimed it, so i brought it home. like i said, it had a horrible paint job and was covered in grime. a little elbow grease and some more blue paint brought about a transformation.

i also made some little felt magnets. i'm not sure what i'm going to display on it, but i hung it outside my art studio door. i think it turned out pretty cute!

sigh. i love a good project.

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