Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i write a lot of lists...

i find it therapeutic to organize my thoughts, tasks, goals, groceries, etc. in list form. that way i don't forget. and i can cross things off and feel oh so accomplished.

therefore, i present to you...a list.

a list of ways i can implement what i learned from the inspired counsel of the october 2009 general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (and the preceding relief society broadcast). this is not a list of nice quotes or general topics, but a list of actions--things i can DO to "stand a little taller," as president hinckley used to say.

  • Define what clutters my life and steals my time, then spend my time on what is most important.
  • Make visiting teaching/relief society a lifestyle rather than a monthly/weekly event.
  • Seek to be consistently guided by the Spirit.
  • Be consistent--not casual--about prayer, scripture study, and church participation.
  • Find ways to be even "more diligent and concerned at home."
  • See how burdens become blessings in my life.
  • Find joy in obedience.
  • Seek out the evidence of God all around me.
  • Develop my talents!
  • Do my best...and each day be a little better. (another pres. hinckley-ism. i love how his presence still pops up in general conference every now and then. ♥ )
  • Reap more fully the blessings of repentance.
  • Work on overcoming challenges through faith.
  • Serve someone, somehow everyday.
  • Walk uprightly--do what is right because it is right.
isn't general conference so motivating...and rejuvinating?! my life is already better because of it.

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