Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a pin and a pain...

the other day, before brandon and i went out to dinner, i needed a pin.

i was wearing my leopard print cardigan and none of my necklaces were really working for me. and none of my pins matched. i needed a new pin.

so i made one.

believe it or not, i happened to have black felt, black tulle, an embellished button, acrylic gems, and a pin back. so i threw this little number together in under 10 minutes.

i feel pretty good about it.

however, i do not feel good about this:
after we went to the temple on friday, i put my family name cards and my temple recommend in bran's shirt pocket while we took a picture. today, i was doing the laundry and found a little scrap of paper in the washer as i moved the whites into the dryer. i didn't think anything of it until i found a rectangle of clear plastic and then my heart sank. turns out brandon removed the cards, but missed one little thing. this is what's left of my recommend...

somehow i don't think they'll let me in.


  1. Cute pin!

    I'm pretty sure you can get a new recommend...sad day.

  2. that pin puts you well on your way to being the next school counselor :)


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