Tuesday, December 15, 2009

christmas craftiness

man, i've been slacking on the blog...

in case you don't remember, i don't believe in buying fancy, expensive christmas ornaments. last year, i bought some super cheap, plain globe ornaments and embellished them myself. so i decided that i will just add on a few more semi-homemade ornaments each year. i have fun doing it and it saves us tons of money, so i might as well make it a tradition.

anyway...i made this year's christmas ornaments back before thanksgiving. i started with these inexpensive wooden cutouts:

then, i added a few coats of white paint, glitter glue, and acrylic gems...and voila! some sparkly snowflakes to add to the tree. my only regret is that i didn't make more. they look really good with the rest of our ornaments.

our other ornament addition this year was a collection of silver stars that i got for 3/99 cents. they were a little plain and kind of rustic looking, so i jazzed them up a bit. (but you can't see the difference too well in the before and after photos...so we'll just stick with the after.)

my biggest christmas craft this year was a wreath for the front door. i actually don't like a lot of wreaths out in the stores, and the few i did like were so expensive. there was no way i was going to drop 40 or 50 bucks on a wreath...i thought to myself, "i bet a can make one for WAY cheaper."

so i did.

i went to the craft store and bought all of the necessary supplies for UNDER $10. then, with a glue gun and a spare half an hour, i whipped up this little beauty:

i think it looks pretty darn cute on our bright red door, if i don't say so myself.

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  1. nice work! I love the holidays. And I love your idea of homemade Christmas ornaments, that's what we've done too and I think our tree is super charming. All is well.


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