Wednesday, June 16, 2010

some experiments...

i've been wanting to make my own fabric rosettes for AGES. i recently cut lots of fabric for reversible headbands and i had a bunch of scraps, so last night i finally started experimenting with some new styles.

this first one has some moda martinique (the brown paisley & aqua dot) but i'm not sure what line the dove gray damask is from. i think it turned out pretty cute for my first go with rosettes. (loving gray right now.)
this purple one is so darling. i kind of want to keep it...but i just made myself a purple/gray flower clip, so i'll have to resist the urge.
i actually really like the way rosette headbands look on. i'm going to make myself one for sure!
this one has some riley blake bloom & grow, ivory felt, and a tiny paisley print i got from my mom's stash.
aqua/peacock blue/turquoise might be my current favorite color(s). (i love color, so my favorite changes frequently.)
and i also want to try out some different felt flower shapes. i like the 6-petal version i've been using, but i need some variety to spice things up.
i tried out a multi-petal shape, and i really like it...i like the texture. and i especially like this color scheme.
(i've been digging purples a lot more lately, too. have you noticed?)

here's a few more from today...

spring green.
this one has a ribbon rosette as well. i'm pleased with how that little guy turned out.
this one is made out of turquoise knit. i like the patterned fabric i used on the leaves next to the turquoise. and i think the little cluster of gems in the center is cute. this is the first one i've done like that.
phew. it's been a productive day!


  1. I love all of them. I think you need to sell a "grab bag" so I don't have to choose. You are so great!

  2. your flowers are amazing, I especially like the multi-petal shape one.
    my sewing room used to look just like yours....the sign of true happiness!
    (I am still happy, just selling my house! apparently a sewing room is not a selling point, I do not get it!)


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