Monday, July 12, 2010

cricut projects...

so...remember how i'm making projects for a demo dvd thing that provo craft is putting together to market the cricut to non-scrapbookers? well, i've been crafting like's what i've turned in so far:

this sweet tote bag (which i hope they give back to me because i totally love it!) the sewing isn't perfect, but the stenciling looks so awesome that maybe no one will notice. :)
i used stencils and fabric markers to create prints on plain white fabric that i turned into a headband. the blue/white print is okay, but the flower print is too i made a kid-sized headband out of it. it didn't turn out exactly how i had envisioned it, but oh well.
i'm totally loving this jewelry box i put together, though.

i used the negative space from the exterior cutout on the inside, so i only had do one cut on the cricut for the whole project.

and of course i had to make a hair clip. figuring out how to cut felt on the cricut was a little tricky, but once i got all the right materials it was a snap.
all in all, i think the cricut is cool, but it can be kind of a hassle. sometimes it seems like it would be a lot easier just to cut things by hand. i do like it for cutting intricate designs and making stencils, though. i still have a bunch of stuff in progress, so we'll have to see how it goes...


  1. These are all SOO cool!!! Well done Kace!

  2. cute ideas! I just learned how to cut fabric on my cricut the other day. I also made this DIY saying frame the other day using my cricut, Check it out if you like

    New Follower of your blog :)


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