Friday, July 23, 2010

pretty & new...

i'm back from a week in california.
when i got home, i was greeted by the new materials i ordered...and the itch to create!

this might be my current favorite. the pink fabric has a bit of shimmer. and i LOVE the pink next to the pearls and brown speckled feathers. so classy.
more fun with feathers next to some rusty orange.
this design has been floating in my brain for awhile...but it took a long time to track down the square gems i envisioned. i don't think the pic does it justice. it's really cute and a bit different from all the flowers and circles and ruffles that are so popular right now.
i've also found that the little girl's headbands are most popular. i'm going to have to bust out a bunch of these. here's a little shimmery rose...
and this one sold in like 10 minutes! i'm's a little out of the ordinary. and the color scheme just screams summer to me.
pink and green are always cute together. i can just see a little toddler looking ridiculously adorable wearing this.
and her mom or older sister could wear this!
oh...and remember that exciting news i was talking about?
well, provo craft liked my cricut projects so much that they want me to be IN the demo dvds!

holy moly.

we'll have to see if it works out!


  1. Wow! That is exciting. I covet your cricut

  2. You will be a star!!! You could be the next "Sewing with Nancy"!!!!

  3. Sorry...just had this gem pop into my head..."Krafting with Kacey"....right!!!???


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