Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UP! halloween costumes...

"mr. fredrickson, are snipes tall?"
"oh yes, very tall."
(in this case 5'10".)
our costumes turned out great. (in fact, we won a costume award at the party!) and i made both for less than $20.
dress: $3 (walmart clearance rack)
footless tights: $5 (walmart)
felt: $4 (hobby lobby/joann's)
mask: $2 (walmart)
pipe cleaners: $1 (dollar store)
shoes & capsleeve top: already owned

flannel: $1.50 (hobby lobby)
hat: $.50 (walmart clearance rack)
dowel: $.59 (hobby lobby)
bandanna: $.50 (hobby lobby)
felt: $.25 (hobby lobby) + already owned
backpack, scout shirt, shorts, & shoes: already owned

total: $18.24
(plus a lot of time & effort!)

here are the basics of how i made the dress:

make a feather shaped template out of cardstock and trace it onto your felt.
cut out felt feathers and arrange them in an overlapping pattern, starting at the hem.
repeat a gazillion times using different colors of felt. (don't forget to make feathers for the wings at the shoulders of the dress, too.)
after i had them all arranged, i just hot glued them to the dress. you could probably sew them on...but i wasn't that ambitious. i also left gaps at the sides so i could still use the pockets. you could obviously omit this if your dress is pocket-less.
the rest was pretty easy compared to the time-consuming feathers. if you want to know how i did any of the other parts for either russell or kevin, feel free to leave a comment.

(p.s. these costumes are featured on sensibly styled! go check it out!)


  1. Awesome! What a great costume! I love the way all those feathers look.

  2. Awesome costumes!!! Great job!

  3. I'm making Kevin and Russell costumes for this Halloween. I LOVE this tutorial on Kevin. Any tips for Russell's sash?

  4. We just moved to Costa Rica and costumes are hard to find here. So I had to make it myself, thank you for your blog! I made this for my little girl who wanted to be a hummingbird...I would love to share with you the picture. Is there away to post a picture?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry I don't...I just cut it freehand and went to town.

  6. I found a template :) Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!! I'm going to Mickeys not-so-scary halloween party this year at disney and I think I'm gonna have THE best costume thanks to you :)

    1. I'm so glad to have inspired you! Have so much fun at Disney. :)

  7. Do you have a pic of what you did to the back pack?

    1. We just used a random backpack that we had on hand and stuck the little "Wilderness Explorer" flag that I made in it. (It's just a felt triangle glued to a dowel...easy peasy.) I didn't add any other details to the bag itself.

  8. Where did you find the mask at walmart? Or did you just get the supplies to make it? Do you have any pics of it?

  9. Love this! I just followed your tutorial last night and cut out all 150 of my feathers...now comes the gluing :)

  10. We did this and won two awards! Thanks for the cute idea :)

  11. Can you tell us about the Kevin mask?


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