Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a few little things...

sometimes i want to wear a cute hair accessory, but don't want to have a giant embellishment on my head just want something subtle.  so i came up with a new hair clip design - tearose cluster clips.
 they are similar to my other cluster clips, just smaller and simpler.
great for pinning your hair back from your face, livening up a boring ol' bun, or clipping to a headband.

i also added a petite rosette to a headband, just for kicks...
 all are available in the shop.

oh!  and did you notice my cute little buttons in the sidebar?  i did a little blog revamp last weekend (with some generous help from the hubs) and i'm loving it!


  1. Love. I'd advertise your button on my blog, if you let me :) SUPER cute.

  2. I emailed you the code. :)
    If anyone else wants it, let me know!

  3. Hi! Your blog is adorable and so id EVERYTHING in your shop!! I am your newest follower. If you ever wanted to do a review/giveaway or advertise I would love to have you:)

    Hanna from


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