Tuesday, November 23, 2010

free "let it snow" printable...

fact: i love snowflakes, but i hate snow.

i hate driving in it.
i hate walking through it.
(especially when the bottom of your pants get all wet and then you're freezing for the rest of the day.)
and i hate shoveling it.
(fortunately i now have a husband who kindly takes care of that part.)

but individual snowflakes are so pretty.

apparently we're about to get a WHOLE bunch of them this afternoon with winds up to 35 mph.  yikes!
i'll be in my house, in my pajamas, eating something hot if you need me.

in the mean time, enjoy this free "let it snow" printable...
 click, print, and enjoy!
for personal use only please. :) 
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  1. Thanks for the snow flakes, I am printing them for my grand kids on construction paper, scissors her we come.


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