Monday, November 22, 2010

simple pearly snowflake ornaments...

i had this pile of gorgeous wood snowflake ornaments...
they were burned out of the wood rather than cut, so they have these beautiful browned edges.  no sanding required.  the problem was, i didn't want to paint over the edges but the snowflakes were too plain just left as bare wood.

solution? that pearlizing medium i mentioned before.
i suspected it might create a lovely translucent shimmer allowing those pretty edges to shine through...and i was right!  i just did one light coat and that was all i needed...

it created these delicious frosty edges.  the pictures don't even do it justice.

can't wait to get these pretties on the tree this weekend!  that shimmer is going to look gorgeous next to the christmas lights.


  1. Saw this on homepodge. So pretty. I love the pearlescent effect - it contrasts beautifully with the burnt edges!

  2. Where did you buy/order these snowflakes from? I would LOVE to get my little hands on some :)


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