Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hello, blog friends! 
sorry i've been MIA lately...
still fighting that nasty cough and can't seem to shake it.  as soon as i'm back to my old self, i'll get cracking on some seriously neglected projects (and show you some of my sweet christmas loot :) ).  

in the mean time, i've got new year's on my mind...

do you make new year's resolutions?

i don't really.  whenever i have a goal i want to accomplish, i don't wait until january 1st.  i just decide right then that i have a new goal.

but there is something great about a brand new year full of possibilities.  

2010--the good & bad--will be neatly packed away...
and 2011--fresh & unblemished--will stretch before us.
that's a good feeling. 
(can i just say that, i'm so done with 2010?)

i can understand why people would want to take the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.  so maybe i'll set some goals this year, too.

they say that people who write their resolutions down are more likely to achieve them, so i've made some lovely new year's printables. 
(i'm not sure who "they" are...but you know what i mean.) 

 print one out, write down your goals, and hang your pretty list in a prominent place where you'll see it often.  let's make 2011 a good year.

*personal use only please!


  1. Posted my resolutions today, and I'm also hosting a 2011 resolutions Link Up at Lindsay Sews. Come join us! http://tinyurl.com/2btuexy

  2. Hi , I keep meaning to make a list and keep to it!! Maybe, just maybe this will help to bring it all to fruition! Cheers from Sydney Australia.

    Thanks a bunch.


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