Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thinking about christmas cards...

The holiday season is almost here, so I'm trying to plan ahead and get my Christmas cards figured out.  I generally bribe one of my friends to do a quick photo shoot so we at least have a decent picture.  I love our handful of awkward, self-taken candids and all, but it's nice to have someone else take a photo of us at least once a year.

Shutterfly.com has a great selection of holiday cards to choose from.  (And they are once again offering their Holiday Promotion for bloggers!  Sign up HERE.)

I'm loving this design...
I'm all about the notched ribbon graphics right now.  
And the leafy pattern is so my style.

Although the simple, bold layout of this one really appeals to me, too...

And this calligraphy font is super cute...

However, when I ordered our cards through Shutterfly last year, I ended up going with an entirely different design than I thought I would!  Haha. :)  Fortunately, they have so many options it's easy to find the perfect design to complement your Christmas card photo.

Here's what we went with in 2010...
(I was growing my hair out.  Ew. Glad I've since chopped it!)

I'm looking forward to getting our photos done and choosing the perfect Christmas card for this season!

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  1. Girl, you are WAY ahead of me! I was just thinking about this today, trying to remember if I had Christmas-card-worthy of photos of our crew from this past year. Quite the undertaking. :)

    Check out my new blog space if you get a chance!

    xo Heidi


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