Wednesday, November 2, 2011

style selection: notebooks, sketchbooks, & journals...

I am a list maker.

And I like to write my lists.  With a pen on paper.  I cross things out...and add others.  Then I re-write the whole list when things get too messy.  It's a compulsion that I think I inherited from my mother.  (My sister got the list making gene, too...)  

I write lists to take to the store, brainstorming lists, lists of projects I bought the stuff for but still haven't made, lists of stuff I could make for dinner, lists of blog posts I still need to write.  Every notebook and sticky note pad in our house eventually ends up in my possession.  Fortunately, my husband prefers typing, so he doesn't seem to mind too much.  (He thinks I need a smartphone or some other techno-tool for my lists, but I'm old-school.)

Not only do I write lists, but I also draw stuff and keep a journal.
I heart paper. :)

Nothing makes these past times more satisfying than a stylish assortment of notebooks/sketchbooks/journals, so I've put together a little collection of internet finds.

I am a HUGE fan of these screen printed covers by KatieBlairDesigns.
I'm pretty sure I could come up with some pretty amazing stuff if I was writing/sketching in one of these...

They run $10 each and come with lined or unlined pages.

This little brown book of art stuff is adorable, too.

It's made by HappyDappyBits and sells for $6.  
It's pocket-sized, so you can sketch on the go.

REDSTARink sells this spiral bound notebook for $12.

Who can resist a good brainstorm sesh?

PuffedPeonies is a print shop that will make any of their artworks into a notebook cover for you for $25.

They have some fantastic geometric designs.

You all know my love for Harry Potter, so it should come as no surprise that some HP geekery made it into this post.

Italian seller celestefrittata has a line of Hogwarts school subject notebooks for about $26.  SO awesome.

Most of my journals & sketchbooks from the past have black covers with white pages.  It would be fun to switch it up and write or draw on some bright pages for a change.

These handmade books with neon pages are made by cathydurso and go for $24.

These last two finds come via rather than Etsy.
The concept behind Wreck This Journal sounds like a blast.

Each page comes with a directive--"Write your name illegibly" or "Tape this book shut and mail it to yourself."  I think it could be really fun.

And I've been wanting a One Line a Day Journal for awhile now...

You write one line a day for 5 years and each day is on the same page.  So every year when you write on January 5th, you see what you wrote on January 5th in years past.  I think that could offer some great perspective on life, don't you?

Man, now I just want to design some cool notebooks of my own...
I'll put that on my list. :)


  1. Thanks for including my Little Brown Book of Art Stuff in this fabulous collection of journals! :)

  2. You should! I'm a list-maker, too ~ to the "n-th" degree. So satisfying. I love the idea of the Line a Day journal-- may have to add that to my wish list. Great post!!
    xo Heidi

  3. Great post, Kacey! Thank you for including my brainstorm journal.

    REDSTAR ink

  4. Great post! I too enjoy list making on paper. Thanks for featuring my neon journals!


  5. Awesome! Great selection of notebooks! I make so many lists, I could probably make a Book of Lists and have them all in there. haha

  6. I'm in love with these notebooks!! Thanks for posting. (:

    That's funny, I'm a total list maker, too!!

  7. GAH! I WANT ALL OF THEM!!!! O.o


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