Sunday, March 15, 2009

a busy weekend...

on friday...we went to the provo temple with bree & kevin ahlstrom, nola & tyler bird, jane & alex long, and bethany & richard campbell. we did 86 baptisms and confirmations for my husband's ancestors! afterward, everyone was invited over to our place for ice cream.

on saturday...we ran errands, bought a house, made dinner for our friends aubrey & benji woahn and met their little tiny daughter abbie, and went to the adult session of our stake conference...which featured elder cook of the quorum of the twelve! nothing like a major purchase, a teensy newborn, and an apostle to make your day. (it was really cool. elder cook did a question and answer session. and we even got to shake his hand!)

on sunday...we slept in a little longer than usual, went to stake conferece at the provo tabernacle (we got a new stake presidency), took a drive to spanish fork to explore our future neighborhood, and later tonight we have game night at bree & kevin's place.

SUCH a great weekend. sigh.

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