Saturday, May 29, 2010

good times...

not only am i just having a blast making cute hair things, but i have some good news. i have 2 friends who sell craft items, vinyl, & children's hair accessories at home boutiques and at the county fair...and they have invited me to sell my stuff with them!

{i'm sooooo excited.}

the utah county fair is august 18-21 and the next boutique will be held around that time as well, so i guess i'll be busy crafting/sewing like a mad woman this summer so i have enough stuff to sell.

here's my latest...
(LOVE these first two. i'm gonna have to make some duplicates for myself.)

i also did the cutest little painting recently...but it's a gift for a friend. so i guess i'll have to post about it later so i don't spoil the surprise. :)

ALSO, remember how i've been having a bit of giveaway luck lately? well, apparently it runs in the husband just won a drawing for a sweet flip video recorder. how cool is that?!

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