Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer stuff...

now that it's summer, my art lessons are all on tuesday rather than spread throughout the week.
(so stoked about that.)

i'm now up to 3 little art students. my latest is a mildly autistic 7-year-old...and i LOVE her. she is hilarious. we've been meeting for a month now and i can't get over how funny she is.

plus, she's really talented. today we did color wheels, but i should take a picture of some of her drawings...she just finished 1st grade, but has the skills i would probably expect from a 3rd or 4th grader.

and her enthusiasm is infectious.
"i wish art lessons were EVERYDAY!" :)

on a crafty note, i've been gathering fabric to make some headbands like these to sell. some are designer, some are craft store sales, some are bargain finds, and some were stolen from my mom when we went to visit this weekend. (thanks, mom!)
now that my stash has quadrupled in the last week...i'd better get to work!
any prints you like in particular?

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