Friday, November 5, 2010

to card or not to card?

that is the question.

i feel like christmas cards are for families with lots of kids and busy-ness and big news. we don't have big news. or kids.

but--at the same time--our family is just as valuable as any other. AND we'd like to wish all our loved ones a happy holiday season.

PLUS, is offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers. so...if i got free cards, i'd only have to pay for postage.

(sounds pretty good to me.)

in the past, we used to create photo books of both our engagement and wedding pictures. they turned out great. (we used the engagement photo book as our guest book at our wedding...people loved it!) so...i took a gander at their holiday card selection.

my favorite is actually a new year's card...
i like this one, too.
and the idea of sending out cards AFTER the hustle & bustle of christmas time is a good one.

or, if i was really on top of things, i could send a thanksgiving card. that would be a nice way of letting your loved ones know you're thankful for them, wouldn't it?
although, there are some nice christmas photo cards.i like the colorful text on this one...
BUT...i think i'd rather go to the post office in january.

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