Sunday, February 27, 2011

a thought on miracles...

Last week, our Sunday School lesson was about Christ's miracles in the New Testament, why He preformed them, and the miracles in our own lives.  The lesson weighed on me a some people get the miracles they so faithfully desire, while others lack the necessary faith, and still others have faith, but are allowed to struggle through afflictions in order to grow rather than being healed.  I couldn't help but think about my own faith and the trial I'm going through...

The next day, my husband and I went to a special exhibit at the BYU museum of art--"Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand."  Bloch was a Danish artist, who created religious and genre artworks in the mid-late 1800s.  The exhibit includes 5 large altarpieces--one which BYU owns, and 4 that were loaned from Lutheran churches in Sweden and Denmark--as well as many smaller works.

The altarpieces were just beautiful. (I would highly recommend going if you live in the area.) But I was especially struck by one of Bloch's other paintings included in the collection, The Daughter of Jarius...

The plaque next to the painting pointed out that most paintings of the daughter of Jarius depict Christ in the act of raising her from the dead--the miracle has already occurred.  However, Bloch chose to paint an earlier scene in the sequence of events.  The girl's mother leans over her daughter's body, experiencing what surely must be one of the most painful, dark moments of her life.  But Christ is at the door...a miracle is about to occur.

This concept really touched me.  The thought came to my mind that when we are at our darkest moment, enduring the hardest thing we've ever been through, perhaps a miracle is about to occur.  And I felt a lot more hopeful...maybe my miracle is right around the corner.


  1. This was really beautiful, Kacey. Thanks for the insight--we need to get down to Provo to see that exhibit while it's still around!

  2. I stood there with tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked at that painting too and pondered the same thing... with the added thought of how un-hurried the Savior seems in that photo... He can heal *everything* matter our suffering... He even can overcome it all, even death, in His due time.
    I am sure He is coming Kacey... to relieve your pain and sorrow in whatever your struggle. ((HUG)) Love you. Thanks for sharing this :) You are awesome!

  3. This is so gorgeous, Kacey. Thank you so much for sharing. Please bless there IS a miracle just around the corner.


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