Monday, September 19, 2011

wood plaque wall decor...

Inspired by the "Six B's" sign I made, I decided to create a new little decor grouping in my entry way.  I mostly used items I already had, but there was a little space that needed filling, so I created some simple decor with wood plaques.

I started with two square plaques of different sizes.

I'm loving all the typography elements that are trendy for interiors these days, so I went that direction with the smaller one.  First, I painted it white with a coarse brush, for a shabby effect.

Then I sanded the edges.

Next, I printed out a number that would fit my square plaque.  I went with 2 because there are two people in my family, February is my birth month, and...I just like it.  Feel free to choose a number that's significant to you.  

Place a piece of newsprint on top of your plaque, then your number printout.  Trace your number with a pencil.  The ink from the newsprint will transfer your traced image onto the wood.  (This method works best with images since they have more ink.)

Now, paint in your design...

...and coat the whole thing in mod podge once the paint is dry to seal it.

For the larger plaque, I followed the same procedure to start: paint then sand.  This time, I cut out a paper doily using my Cricut (Cindy Loo cartridge, if you're wondering) and podged it right onto my plaque.

Once it dried, I decided it was looking a bit flat, so I added some "shadows" using a black sharpie.

To hang them, you can add hardware to the back, but since both pieces were pretty light weight, I opted for mounting tape instead.  (It's like the sticky stuff on the back of command hooks.)

My little entry is too narrow to get a straight-on photo, so these angled views will have to do.

The flower box came from a home dec store a few years ago.  I repainted it.
The flowers came from Wal-mart (94 cents!) and Joann (coupon!).
The oval mirror was a happy thrift store find.
The rectangular mirror came from the dollar store.
The "Six B's" sign was made using a frame I had, a fabric remnant, and a printable.

And the plaques, as you know, were easy peasy.

Plus, it's all easy to switch out on a whim.
That's my kind of decorating!


  1. Very cute!! Reminds me of a boutique art gallery.

  2. Fantastic job!! So fresh and cute (:

  3. After moving into our dream home, my husband finally got his man cave. He decided to go with a rustic theme design to go with our craftsman style home. We were searching the web for a company that did custom wood signs to put up the room and finally we came across Unique Custom Products. They had great pictures of other designs they had done and we decided to order. The sign that arrived was absolutely beautiful! The wood was really good quality and the engraving was flawless - it fit in well with his theme. Check them out at


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