Monday, November 28, 2011

pom pom christmas ornaments...

Christmas season is officially here!
Time to bust out the decorations...and make some more, of course. :)

These pom pom ornaments are a cinch to put together.  
Your kids could make their own.

Start with clear plastic ornaments, pom poms in the colors/sizes of your choice (I went with small white, medium red, and larger green with tinsel), and coordinating ribbon or trim.

Pop the top of your ornaments and begin adding poms.

Fill as full as you'd like, then replace the top.

Tie on a short length of ribbon and notch the ends.
You could add a little tag or charm as well.

That's it!

Your cute pom pom ornament is done in the blink of an eye and ready to hang on the tree.


  1. aw those are very cute!!

  2. Very cute idea! Simple and darling:) Have a great holiday season!!


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