Wednesday, December 5, 2012

guest post: glitterblast typography christmas tree {by Sumo's Sweet Stuff}

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Here is a fun little Christmas craft to get you in the holiday spirit: glitterblast typography Christmas tree!

I'd seen this image on Pinterest (come follow me!) and I had been wanting to re-create it for my house for this holiday season.

Pinned Image

Here's what you need:

- wood (mine was cut to 12x12)
- Krylon Glitterblast sealer
- paint
- paint brush
- vinyl
- transfer tape
- Silhouette or other digital cutter (Lucy!)

Start off by sanding your wood piece and painting one side whatever you want for your base color. Mine was just a metallic white. (I originally tried to do this using a canvas, but my vinyl wouldn't stick to it!) Set this aside to dry.

Create your design in your digital cutter's software. The font I used is called Antelope.

I used Lucy to cut it out on vinyl. It doesn't matter what color; you are only using it as a stencil. Peel up the negative space.

Cut a piece of transfer tape and adhere it down over your vinyl.

Peel up the transfer tape and position your vinyl where you want it on your wood piece. Use a pan scraper or popsicle stick to rub the vinyl down.

Carefully peel up your transfer tape, making sure none of the vinyl is peeling up with it.

Use your glitterblast paint to coat that baby! Let it dry.

Peel up your vinyl.

Spray your decoration with the sealer to help keep the glitter on there.


Now display your project with pride!

To be honest, I kind of wish that I had done something with more contrast, like red.

But I still think this will look really pretty, shimmering by the glow of the Christmas tree lights, don't you?

Aren't you getting excited for Christmas? It's my favorite! (Just like smiling).

Come visit me over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff! Thanks for having me! 

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